Saturday, 12 April 2014

winter trip: Marseille et Lyon

At the beginning of the new year I have made only one serious resolution: to travel. To travel as much as possible. So I decided to make a goode use of my Christmas presents, use Ryanair winter sale and book tickets to my beloved France. At the end of January I was in Marseille, then I visited Domi in Lyon to finish my winter break in Paris with Marta and Martyna.
I started to believe that I carry rain with me, cause my 2,5 days in Marseille (place where almost never rains!) were mostly rainy. With find and clouds in the best situation.
 Even though everyone warned me about how Marseill is dangerous I felt surprisingly safe. Obviously, there were some people starting talking to me o the street (the risk of being single traveler), but mostly they were just curious where do I come from, what do I do in marseille or just inviting for coffe (or couscouss - don't ask ;P).
 I was couchsurfing at a place of Wafius, who was living just close to the local market, full of fresh fruits, fish and seafood.

 I spent the first morning not really trying to get to any special place, turning randomly when I liked and finding myself in interesting places. All in all 'not all of those who wander are lost'.

 Walking higher and higher I finally got to the Notre Dame de la Garde church.

 Even though I was already quite tired after walking through the city for few hours, we decided to visit Les Calanques. I had terrible shoes for hiking, but when we get to the end of the valley... I couldn't stop saying 'wow'. It was worth it! The road started just behind the university where Wafius study.

 It was the first moment of the day when I saw sun.
Next morning I also left home early to visit the opposite side of the city. 

 Then I decided to visit A museum for Europe and the Mediterranean, but more than by museum itself (it was actually not so rich in exhibitions) I was amazed by it's building connected to the old fort. 

 I said goodbye to my host and rainy Marseille and took a train to Lyon. Visiting this city was on my 'to-do' list for a long time and finally, thanks to Dominika I was able to make it real. Domi is an intern in a local ESN section and works really hard on SeCS - Section Cooperation between ESN CosmoLyon and ESN UŁ. I was even more happy to visit Lyon thanks to the opportunity to participate in ESN event and meeting. 

Cosmix - mascott of ESN CosmoLyon, older brother of Włodzimierz :)
 I came to Lyon perfectly on time for Chandeleur: the festival of Crepes - traditional french pancakes.

 I was really lucky to have Domi as a guide - not only did she know everything about the city but also she knows the places that even people living there forever don't know. And she loves the city with all her heart. And now - so do I!

(and hey.. finally it was sunny! :D

hard to say... what is real, what is fake?

 We took a break to try cake with pink pralines on top. Lovely!

I finished two sunny days in Lyon with ESNers and even more crepes :) 
I  really enjoyed both cities, saw amazing places, met super nice people, experienced countless lovely moments and fell in love in France one more time. And also this time I'm sure: it wasn't my last time in this part of France. French Riviera still needs to be discovered! :D

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