Monday, 29 June 2015

Baltic trip [2]: Helsinki

After almost 11 months since our Baltic Trip, I finally found enough time to catch up on all the travels (I haven't noticed but I actually visited quite a lot of places this year), so I decided to share some photos from Moomins land. 

You can find first part of the Baltic Trip (Tartu, ESN Estonia National Platform, Tallin) HERE. Luckily we both have adventurers' souls, so it was clear for us, that if only had we a chance to visit another city, bah, another country, that none of us have never been to before, we should totally do that. We found prety cheap ferry from Tallin to Helsinki and we spent whole, super hot (yeah… Santa, reindeers, snow? Bullshit. I was literally melting!) day, wandering and sightseeing. 

We took a ferry very early in the morning and after a short nap we could have already admired the Finnish coast. We've met with Mikael from ESN Finalnd not much later, and we spent few next hours visiting the city and Suomenlinna island with this awesome, local guide :)


Helsinki, Moomins

Helsinki, one day in Helsinki


We have spent the second half of our day in Helsinki with Totti - my erasmus friend from back when I was young and stupid (2012 :P). It was absolutely awesome to meet him after two years! We were chilling at his balcony and walking barefoot (cause why not?) before we took a ferry back to Tallin.

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