Saturday, 7 June 2014

My Personal 25 Reasons Why Aveiro Is The Best Erasmus Destination

I consider erasmus in Aveiro as one of the best decisions I've ever made. What makes Aveiro the best city for erasmus students? Why I would reccommend it to everyone?

  1. You always know where to look for erasmus people. Aveiro is such a tiny city, that it is not difficult to figure out where erasmus students are having a party.
  2. We love Mondays. In the rest of the world Monday is the day that everyone hates just because it's Monday. In Aveiro it's just another perfect day to go out - clock night in Posto7!
  3.  ESN Aveiro. Helpful, sociable and sometimes even more party animals than actual erasmus students - they know perfectly how to "make your erasmus reacher inside". Trust me, I'm an ESNer.
  4. Praca de Peixes. Fish market by day, the center of the nightlife after sunset. No matter if it's warm, cold, raining or super windy, if only is it Thursday, Friday or Saturday you will always find people at Praca enjoying many small pubs that are around the square and nearby (including pubs with shitty brasilian music, tiny disco, pubs with rock music, gey bar, restaurants and cafeterias). 
  5. University campus. Space. Red brick. Palms. View for ria. All the departments in one, huge area. 
  6.  Tripas. With kitkat. Or kinder bueno. Whipped cream, ice cream, porto and chocolate. Or fruits.
  7.  "Oh, you're erasmus!". When being foreigner makes you feel like a celebrity. 
  8. Bodegas. As one clever portuguse gay told me on my first night in Bodegas: "Now you are laughing, next week you will recognize this songs, in one month you will know all the lyrcis and then, back in your country, you'll even miss them" - and that is so true! Shitty brazilian music will always have a special corner in my heart. As well as lollypop shots.
  9. Library. Biblioteca. If Praca is empty it means that the following morning you can meet erasmus people there. If they are at praca it doesn't mean that they won't be in library either. Empty at the beginning of semester, super crowded in exams period, probbaly the loudest library I've ever been to. 
  10. Maravilhas. Tuesday. Erasmus party. Anything to add?
  11. BUGA. Free bikes. Forbidden to go with them to the beach. Noone cares.
  12. Mercado Negro. Cool, alternative space that reminds me so much about similar places in Łódź. Biggest advantage? Fireplace that probably is the reasone why I didn't freeze in December.
  13. Orange juice. Fresh orange juice. Big glass that costs only 1e.
  14. Crawling distance. I heard the legend that there is a bus in Aveiro. If only you can walk there is absolutely no need to take any kind of transport. 
  15. Parks. No matter where you live, you always have some cool park nearby.
  16. Desculpe, nao falo portugues. Situation almost impossible in Lisbon or Porto - in Aveiro you have to practice Portuguese from time to time to communicate. Doesn't metter how good your performance is, they always say you're amazing portuguese speaker and appreciate your effort.
  17. Erasmus Paradise House. House for erasmus that is a paradise. Paradise for erasmus that is a house. Paradise house that defines erasmus.
  18. Praia da Barra. Just stand on the street with your thumb up, be clever, reponsible, careful and with a little bit of lack in few minutes you're on a great beach. 
  19. Harry Potter. Yup. I still think Universidade de Aveiro is like Hogwart.
  20. Cais Madeirense. Amazing food. Sangria branca. Great atmopshere. Sangria branca. Funny waiters. Sangria branca. "All you can eat & drink" group dinners. Poncha aaaaand sangria branca!
  21. Stars. As a person living in a big city I have never thought it would be so cool to be able to see sky full of stars on the way home from the party, but if you're coming home later is because of...
  22. ... Fanepao or Doce Aveiro! Breakfast just after the party.
  23. Train to Porto. Local, cheap trains that take you to the party. Or aiport. Or Primark ;)
  24. Trips. Aveiro is a perfect place to start all the trips around the Portugal.
  25. BE. Bar do Estudante. It is like going for the school disco in primary school. Just bigger. And crazy. Sometimes with drum and base, sometimes with old portuguese songs, another time with Dragon ball theme. Always cool.
Anything to add? What are your reasons to love erasmus time in Aveiro?
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